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About Us

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Why use Irish Food Tours?

We have created a service that makes it easier for tour operators into Ireland, to offer their customers "Culinary Tours of Ireland" in addition to their available tourism packages.

Culinary Tourism is already an important part of the tourism industry in many other countries. In Ireland, it is only in the last few years that the quality of food product has grown in reputation to a status where it is now internationally recognised as being some of the best in the world. Irish restaurateurs have rediscovered a pride in Irish food products. 

Ireland and our Irish Food is now ready for Food Tourism!

Our food producers will provide for a tour of their premises, for forty minutes to an hour, describing their products, giving tastings, telling their story and the story behind their food.

There are already small groups of food producers working together to offer culinary tours in some regions. We are linking up with these food producers and creating new groups, to cover destination areas, so that tour operators can offer Irish Food Tours all over Ireland. 

We bring together all food producers, that offer food tours, into one place so that tour operators can get assistance in compiling Irish Food Tours.

We have the ground-work done so that tour operators can build their trips simply, through us. It can be an add-on experience to existing holiday packages, or complete food tour holidays. We can help to build new packages all over Ireland, using our knowledge, contacts and experience. Tour companies already have their accommodation, transport and heritage partners in place - we provide the food-tourism aspect.

At Irish Food Tours, we believe that Ireland must sell it's food tourism as a whole "Food Island" including north and south of the border. Tour companies that come to Ireland now  visit all parts of the country, north and south of the border. We believe that Irish food tourism must follow the same principle. We have been building up our network of Irish Food Tour destinations in all 32 counties. 

The Irish Tourism industry, the food producers, tour operators and travel agents have long been looking for a new product to offer to guests - we believe that Irish Culinary Tourism is that product. 

We offer a new reason and opportunity for people to visit all parts of Ireland. 

Ireland’s reputation on the world food stage for Artisan Food Products has been growing steadily over the last ten years. Failte Ireland, the Irish Tourism body, are helping producers to realise the potential for food tourism. We help Irish food producers and tourism operators build a new and successful future together by pre-arranging scheduled stops for guests.

The food producers are delighted that we have taken this initiative as it generates more revenue for them and will help towards the cost of developing better visitor amenities on site. 

Until now there was no central contact point to help pre-arrange tour groups arriving to several food producers as part of holiday trips. We are the solution.

We also help food producers become tourism-ready by advising them on what facilities to have in place to cater for groups etc and are creating a national standard for food tourism offerings.

By working with the food producers and cookery schools, restaurants and tour operators we believe that we are in a unique position to provide pre-arranged Irish Food Tour services to incoming tourism companies - while assisting the businesses that we are partnering with, to grow their business too. 

We are helping food producers to offer visitors an experience not just a product and are helping the smaller artisan food companies to develop into better tourism experiences. The response from food producers all over the country has been 100% positive.

We help to provide a new reason and opportunity for people to visit all parts of our country. We help tour operators to now offer pre-arranged Irish Food Tours.

Who We Are

We have spent over two years year working on the logistics to facilitate Irish Food Tours for incoming tour operators. We have been working with Failte Ireland marketing consultants to help us develop our idea to bring Irish Food Tours to fruition while also steadily building our international reputation as Food Tourism experts. 

Zack Gallagher is based in County Donegal and runs the Irish Food Guide blog. He is one of Failte Ireland’s Food Ambassadors and a judge for the Blás na hÉireann Irish Food Awards.
Twitter @IrishFoodGuide

Wendy Kavanagh of Irish Food Tours
Wendy Kavanagh is based in County Kildare. She has spent several years working in both the tourism and food industries. She has also been promoting food producers all over Ireland since 2008. Twitter @FoodAdventureIE

Using online and social media, we have steadily grown our status in the Irish food scene as progressive, helpful and sincere Irish Food promoters.
As professional chefs, food writers and online media advertising agents, we believe that we are best positioned to help you develop your future in Irish food tourism. By bringing food producers together under one umbrella group for culinary tourism, we are building an all-Ireland network that will benefit from our determination and experience.

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