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Irish Culinary Tourism is an excellent opportunity for Tour Operators into Ireland to generate new revenue. And Irish Food Tours can help you.

The National Food Tourism Implementation Framework created by Failte Ireland (The Irish National Tourism Department) highlights the importance of developing and promoting Ireland as a food tourism destination. 

Visitors want to experience a real sense of place and through food tourism we can help you to offer visitors a new way to get to know Ireland!

We do not simply suggest that guests should visit a particular food producer - we help tour operators to get them there, by pre-arranging visits to authentic quality Irish food producers.

As professional chefs, food writers and online media advertising agents, we believe that we are now best positioned to help you develop your future in Irish food tourism. By bringing food producers together under one umbrella group for culinary tourism, we are building an all-Ireland network that will benefit from our determination and years of experience in Irish food promotion.

We arrange for tourism guests to travel to locations, meet local food producers and sample artisan cuisine, in order to gain a real sense of a place. We liaise with tour operators to create a food experience that best suits your guests requirements. 

We then pre-arrange your visits to the food production or farm facilities and confirm dates, times and numbers.

By linking up with existing food trails and by creating new routes Irish Food Tourism can become a major source of new revenue for both Irish food producers and tour operators into Ireland. We have helped to create a new Irish Tourism product for you to sell to your customers.

We are working with our Irish Food Tours producer members and those who have already established tours and talks of their production facilities, so that we can now market to international guests. We also assist our members in the building of their food story and in developing their premises to become tourism-ready for guests.

The Story Behind Irish Food’ makes for a unique and compelling visitor experience for guests. A producer visit is conducted by the owner or a trained member of their staff and includes the history of the business, the people involved, the production methods involved and tastings of the food being produced. 

Guests also have an opportunity to purchase more product before they leave the premises.

To Download our Irish Food Tours Brochure as a PDF file: Click HERE*/0B0-P8VlLK4DCVFNNZTg0QWlHWmNFX3NfRV9YZXRkTEpyZkpj?e=download

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By prior arrangement, we can help your Irish food Tourism develop to its fullest potential.

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